Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Brave New World Lamp, a brave design with simple materials..

Brave new world lamp, a design made by Freshwest studio for Moooi company. 
a complicated design made of natural looking of Oak wood with industrial mechanical model and function, They added cast iron weights at the bottom of the design to make it more balance and stable. 
A modern mechanical look with warm and cozy wood material and color can fit into all kinds of modern rooms, workshops or offices, and adds more movement and action to the room. 

This design was created in 2008, the dimensions are : 270 x 93 x 130 cm, also available with 180 cm height, Price ranges between 2150 $ and 4500$. 
available in many online stores like: madeindesign.co.uk . occa-home.co.uk . yliving.com

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